Laws and Rules Governing the Practice of Psychology

5 Year Rule Review

Ohio Revised Code Chapter 119 requires agencies to review all rules at least every five years to assure they are current, relevant and essential. In addition, the Board may promulgate new or amend existing rules to update its regulatory matrix; not infrequently, the Board engages in rule update and revision in response to requirements brought by other legislative or executive actions.

The Common Sense Initiative (CSI) requires the Board to reach out to stakeholders early in the rule promulgation process to capture as much feedback as possible regarding how the rule language may affect stakeholders and whether there are undue or unanticipated costs imposed by the proposed language. CSI review is generally focused on four (4) issues for consideration:

(1) Is more flexibility at the local level required?

(2) Does the rule present an opportunity to eliminate unnecessary paperwork and does it reference a text that is incorporated appropriately?

(3) Does the rule overlap or conflict with other rules?

(4) Does the rule have an adverse impact on businesses that has not been eliminated or reduced?

Please reference information below regarding the current proposal. This page will be updated as the process moves between the Board, the Office of the Common Sense Initiative, and the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review.

UPDATE TO ORC 4732 Pursuant to HB83

Effective March 20, 2014

Several Highlights of Legislative Changes to ORC 4732:

  • Allows readmission to the EPPP after 30 days, rather than 6 months.
  • Permits the Board to consider emergency summary suspension of a licensee via teleconference.
  • Permits the Board to issue investigation-related subpoenas under strict circumstances.
  • Permits the Board to refer a licensee or applicant for medical or psychological evaluation with cause.
  • Adds bases for disciplinary action consistent with other healthcare regulatory boards.
  • Eliminates the "second mailing" of license renewal notices.
  • Adds a license category for Retired Psychologists and School Psychologists, effective renewal 2016
  • Establishes fee increases or new fees: license renewal fee from $350 to $360 effective renewal 2016, to $365 effective renewal 2020; application and initial licensure fee from $125 to $300 effective 3/20/2014; written verification of licensure from $0 to $40 effective 3/20/14; nonresident application for permission for temporary practice in Ohio from $0 to $75; retired psychologist or school psychologist status $50 during biennial renewal effective renewal 2016.
  • Retains the twenty-three hour MCE requirement but will require an additional hour of MCE in ethics and professional conduct (4 hours) and includes MCE in the role of culture and/or ethnic identity as part of that category, effective renewal 2016.
  • Permits the Board to require CE in the provision of psychological supervision.
  • Allows the Board to develop or approve a colleague assistance program and allow the Board to refer licensees and applicants to the program as part of its enforcement responsibilities.

Please read the law and do not rely exclusively on this summary.      

Ronald Ross, Ph.D.

Executive Director