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Before You Call the Board

Before you call the Board Office, please understand that employees of the Board cannot give legal advice and do not represent the Board's opinion when responding to ethical questions and practice concerns. Board employees can direct callers to relevant laws and rules that may help inform decision making relative to ethical situations and professional practice concerns. License holders are encouraged to consult with any of the following resources available to them: legal counsel, malpractice insurance providers, and/or professional associations.


The information provided on this website is offered as a convenience to applicants, licensees, consumers, other governmental and non-governmental entities, and the general public. Every attempt has been made to provide accurate and reliable information. However, law, rule, and policy updates frequently occur, and the website may not always reflect the most current information or updates. Ohio’s laws and rules governing psychologists, school psychologists, and certified Ohio behavior analysts supersede any inadvertent errors contained on this website. Please feel free to call or email the Board’s office staff with questions or feedback.

Executive Director

Ronald R. Ross Ph.D., CPM
(614) 466-1085

Administrative Staff

Chiquana Campbell-Hancock, Executive Assistant
Continuing Education
General Inquiries
(614) 466-8809

Denitra Hairston, Office Manager
General Inquiries
(614) 466-8808


Carolyn Knauss, Investigator
Public Records
(614) 644-9177

Amanda R. Danko, Investigator
Public Records
(614) 644-9176