The Board and its Role

Board History

Since 1972, the Ohio Board of Psychology has been providing protections to the public through examinations, licensing, education, and investigating complaints and maintaining accountability among Ohio’s psychologists, school psychologists licensed for private practice, supervised providers, and applicants for licensure. The Board is responsible for enforcement of ORC Chapter 4732 and OAC Chapter 4732, the Laws and Rules Governing Psychologists and School Psychologists. In addition, the Board became responsible for regulating the practice of Certified Ohio Behavior Analysts with the enactment of ORC 4783 and the promulgation of rules in OAC 4783 effective in January 2014. The Ohio Board of Psychology’s greatest responsibility is to protect the well-being and safety of Ohioans who receive or seek psychological or applied behavior analysis services and stopping illegal practice. The Board is comprised of nine members appointed by the governor—six license holders and three consumer advocates. The Board office is staffed by five full-time employees focused on fulfilling the Board’s mission and vision and implementing its core values through a strong customer service model.

MISSION: The State Board of Psychology ensures Ohioans’ access to safe and competent psychological services through examination, licensing, education, and enforcement.

VISION: The State Board of Psychology represents excellence and common sense in occupational regulation in the State of Ohio and is a leader among the members of the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards.

CORE VALUES: The State Board of Psychology and its employees share a set of core values, which are reflected in investigations, licensing, public relations, and policy making.

• Access • Accountability • Diversity • Education • Fairness • Responsiveness • Transparency •

The information provided on this website is offered as a convenience to applicants, licensees, consumers, other governmental and non-governmental entities, and the general public. Every attempt has been made to provide accurate and reliable information. However, law, rule, and policy updates frequently occur, and the website may not always reflect the most current information or updates. Ohio’s laws and rules governing psychologists, school psychologists, and certified Ohio behavior analysts supersede any inadvertent errors contained on this website. Please feel free to call or email the Board’s office staff with questions or feedback.

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Denise E. Rabold, Ph.D., License # 5350

Board President/Psychologist Member

(Term ends October 4, 2023)


Doug Cole, Ph.D., License # SP.142

Board Secretary/School Psychologist Member

(Term ends October 4, 2023)


Benjamin Fields, Ph.D., License # 7050

Psychologist Member

(Term ends October 4, 2024)


Kenneth Drude, Ph.D., License # 1437

Psychologist Member

(Term ends October 4, 2021)


Kathleen Borges

Consumer Advocate

(Term ends October 4, 2021)


Elaine Motylinksi

Consumer Advocate

(Term ends October 4, 2022)


Karen Cousins

Consumer Advocate

(Term expires October 4, 2023)


Adam Jacobs, Ph.D., License # 4688

Psychologist Member

(Term expires October 4, 2024) 


(All members are gubernatorial appointees)